Kidav Azhra Baak

Kotheb Menutep is said to have been a “half-crazed Daremian” who worshipped the azhra Adibaph and Ghorus. He is described as being from Il’Marah in Shal Manzir, and as visiting the ruins of Indaralia, the deepbelow of Sifmem and the Void Quarter of the One City (where he discovered the nameless city below the Bladewind Desert). In his last years, he lived in Daremia, where he wrote Kidav Azhra Baak before his sudden and mysterious death in 758 HR.

In the years that followed, the Kidav gained considerable but covert circulation amongst the philosophers of the age. In 1060, it was translated into Mandurian and given the title Book of Corruption by Rurik Sandor, a scholar from Gadorak. This version drove cultists to perform gruesome experiments before being suppressed and burned in 1279 by Patriarch Michael.

After the attempted censorship the work was rarely discussed until it was translated from high Mandurian into low Mandurian by Klaus Vermuth in 1808 HR.

The Gadoraki necromancer Sharn, the Dark One allegedly found the original Daremian version and correctly translated it into high Mandurian, but supposedly only fragments of this copy survive.

Kidav Azhra Baak

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